During the first long weekend of Sukkot, I took a warm-weather escape to visit my friend who lives in London. We had met in high school at a USY event–a testament to lasting friendships created by Jewish teen programming!

221B Baker Street

I had studied abroad in Oxford in college, so I was already quite familiar with London’s major sites and history. This gave us time to explore some quieter areas: Camden market, the Tate Britain, the Queen’s residence at Windsor Castle and the burial spot of King Henry VIII, and Sherlock Holmes’ residence at 221B Baker Street, to name a few. We also spent time with her friends from LSE who introduced me to a different type of cultural experience, certainly an acquired taste: British comedy!

Many people have one favorite travel destination that they can always go back to. Even though I am beginning to accrue more and more cities to that list, London will always be a place that captivates my imagination. It was no surprise img_1900that I chose my concentration in my English major to be the Victorian period: it captures London at one of its most pivotal transitions, making way for stories about all sorts of alternate worlds and personalities lying beneath its stately facades. Today, I could spend ages exploring the dark alleyways, elegant gardens, tea shops and palaces of London, finding hidden graffiti and street art and following in the footsteps of favorite musicians, authors and stories. How many times can you visit a city before the magic is gone? For London, I still have yet to find out.



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